A Note from Dean Daniel Rodriguez

Dawn was a remarkable woman, truly one of a kind.  Her contributions to our state, our Law School, and our profession are unparalleled. Over the course of a long and outstanding career, she was an influential public servant, an esteemed teacher, a beloved colleague, and a friend and mentor to generations of students.

At Northwestern Law, she brought her unique skills to the focused study of state and local government law. Dawn always reminded us that “all politics is local” and that our legal and social community can only be understood by exposure to the real world of political officials and lawyers working constructively on behalf of the common good.

Amidst her incredible achievements, many of us remember Dawn most as a beloved friend. The number of lives she touched is far-reaching, transcending multiple generations. Her gracious smile, ready wit, hearty laugh, and unmistakable voice forever will echo in our hallways. Despite her myriad list of successes, there was never the slightest trace of pretense in her demeanor. Dawn had a wonderful way of making one feel immediately at ease and was one of the most humble, charming, and gracious individuals many of us likely ever will encounter.  Moreover, her integrity was unwavering (as was her steadfast support for the Chicago White Sox!). Hers was a life well and, indeed, fully lived and we will miss her terribly.

We created these pages to honor her memory and her legacy.

 Dean Daniel Rodriguez